Smart Health Tips for Your Tech Neck

tech neck, neck pain relief in San FranciscoHave you heard of tech neck? Many people don’t know much about it until they experience its symptoms. While it may seem like a made-up condition or symptom, studies note that it’s a real health concern. In fact, it’s so common that a study showed that it affects 1 out of 10 Americans. It’s also among the leading reasons people seek neck pain relief in San Francisco

But, what exactly is tech neck? How do you know if you have tech neck-induced pain? More importantly, how can you overcome its effects?


Get to Know Tech Neck

Tech neck refers to the pain and stiffness that develops when you spend loads of time hunched over your phone and other devices. It can also stem from staring at the computer or laptop screen for long hours. 

Notably, the neck isn’t built to stay in a flexed position for long periods. When you hunch over your phone or laptop frequently, you put undue and excessive mechanical stress on your neck muscles and joints. The result is an uncomfortable aching that radiates outward from your shoulders, upper back, and into either side of your head.


Ramifications of Developing a Tech Neck

A lot of people suffer from tech neck without any knowledge of it. Sadly, as our world becomes more advanced and tech-savvy, the risks of developing tech necks also increase significantly. 

Below are some of the complications one will have to endure from getting a tech neck, especially if it was not managed or addressed for a long time.

  • You’ll have to live with chronic pain.
  • You might struggle doing daily activities like driving or typing on a computer.
  • You might have trouble sleeping since the area where your neck meets your spine can be very sensitive to pressure and pain. 
  • You might have difficulties in finding a comfy position when lying down, leading to restless nights of tossing and turning until you wake up exhausted. 
  • You increase risks for other health concerns, including cervical subluxation, migraines, vertigo, and nerve compression. 

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Tech Neck Prevention: Simple and Easy Tips

The good news is that most reported cases of tech neck are reversible. All you need is some time off from using devices, regular exercise, and a trusted source of neck pain relief in San Francisco or anywhere in the United States!

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above – don’t ignore them! Seek expert help from someone who has experience dealing with this problem, such as Dr. Lawlor, a chiropractor specializing in neck pain relief in San Francisco. Dr. Lawlor helps patients understand how to address cervical subluxation and relieve the pain caused by tech neck.

Additionally, we strongly suggest making a few lifestyle adjustments. Some examples of these include: 

  • Use a hands-free headset while driving or working on the computer
  • Take frequent breaks from screen time 
  • Hold your phone higher so its center of gravity is closer to your face 
  • Use a stand designed specifically for phones to keep the screen at eye level and reduce strain on your neck
  • Stretch your neck a few minutes each day
  • Opt for an ergonomic work chair 
  • Follow proper posture when sitting at the office (or your workstation)
  • Experiment with top-rated posture apps


Must-Try Remedies for Neck Pain

Developing neck pain because of poor work practices and excessive use of handheld devices can be a nightmare. Thankfully, besides the tips we shared above, there are several must-try remedies for tech neck. Here are your best options: 

Pain medication

OTC pain relievers can provide quick neck pain relief. So, it might help to include this remedy in your neck pain care plan. We suggest following the recommended dosage for pain relievers to achieve desirable results. 


Doing yoga exercises for at least 10 minutes a day can help you prevent painful symptoms such as tech neck. It helps you recover and cope by addressing muscular imbalances, increasing body awareness, and relaxing the nerves and muscle fibers. 

Upper Cervical Care

A visit to the chiropractor specializing in neck pain relief in San Francisco might help you cope better. If you’ve felt symptoms for over two weeks and feel it worsens over time or has caused difficulty doing daily activities like turning around in bed or sitting up straight at work (or both), do not delay.


Consult Dr. Lawlor to Experience Neck Pain Relief in San Francisco

Now that you know more about the tech neck triggers and how to overcome the health concern, we hope you feel empowered. If you want to find a reputable and dedicated upper cervical chiropractor to help you with your tech neck problems, visit our practice at 490 Post Street, Suite 238A, San Francisco, California.

Our friendly upper cervical doctor, Dr. Lawlor D.C., will provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and analysis of your cervical spine.

This way, you can relieve the pressure on the nerves and muscles surrounding the topmost neck bones and ensure balance in your different body systems. Upper cervical chiropractic care can also help you correct your posture to prevent other health mishaps that can negatively impact your life.  

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