Migraines. Neck Pain. Fibromyalgia. TMJ.

Hello Health.

Goodbye Migraines. Neck Pain. Fibromyalgia. TMJ. Hello Health.

What Makes Us Unique

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Personalized Care

Custom-tailored to your
specific anatomy

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Gentle Procedure

There is no popping,
cracking or twisting

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Fewer Adjustments

We want to get you
back to being you

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic of San Francisco
Want to learn more about Upper Cervical Chiropractic the unique form of care that Dr. Lawlor uses at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of San Francisco? Then click on the video thumbnail to watch a short 2 minute overview video.

Meet Dr. Lawlor


Meet Dr. Lawlor

Dr. Lawlor graduated from Life Chiropractic College West, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. After suffering from migraines for years, he found relief from Upper Cervical treatment and decided to become one of a select few who are trained in this specialized care to help others find relief too.

How It Works

A Simple Concept

By returning the head to its natural position, brain circulation and signaling from the organs improve, ultimately restoring the regulating functions of the nervous system - as it was designed to work.

Adjustments are gentle and safe, so everyone can experience the benefits of care. There is no popping, cracking, or twisting. Good health starts with good brain circulation.



“Dr. Ryan Lawlor came into my life like an angel and fixed my broken body. I had been diagnosed with early-stage, early-onset Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 25. Faced with worsening pain, unusable hands most days, and crippling pain in most of my joints, I was depressed, hopeless, and suffering. With side-effect ridden biologics on my horizon and approaching quickly and at the insistence of my friend whose father had been helped, I decided to see what Dr. Lawlor was all about. He started with x-rays of my neck that revealed a 10 year old cheerleading injury I didn’t realize existed… After going over a course of treatment, he began his adjustments. After just two adjustments, I was sleeping through a full night, had no swelling in my hands or other joints, could work an entire shift at work on my feet without my knee feeling like it was on fire, stopped having the near-constant jaw pain that had plagued me for as long as I can remember, and in general, felt like the 26 year old I was.

- Krista D. (Age 28; Office Professional)
“Dr. Lawlor is more than an upper cervical chiropractor. He is a passionate healer and patient educator. I’ve been going to chiropractors for years – no make that decades. And those visits helped – I wouldn’t have continued if I didn’t think they were doing any good. But the problem was I found I had to keep going back frequently-sometimes 2 times a week. At a gut level, I knew this wasn’t right. …So when I met Dr. Lawlor and listened to his approach – a very holistic view – I started to see things I had missed before. He helps get the body back in the correct position so it can start healing and functioning as it is designed…. Within a few weeks of treatments, I was going days without pain – something I couldn’t remember doing in years. And my progress continued… I’ve also learned how to ‘read’ my body signals better so I can head off an issue before it becomes a big problem. With Dr. Lawlor’s help, I have been pain-free far longer than I have been in decades and I am really managing my condition. It is great to be in control and feeling good! Thank you Dr. Lawlor!”

- Linda L. (Age 49; Advertising Consultant)
“Though skeptical to take my infant to a chiropractor, Dr. Lawlor fully explained that my idea of chiropractic isn’t what his practice is all about. He took his time to explain the methods he uses and why they could help. As hesitant as I was to trust someone with my 7 week old, as the adjustment began, I was completely comfortable with what Dr. Lawlor was doing. There were no sudden movements, no pops, no cracks. My daughter was on my lap, and my fingers were used as the pressure in the adjustment. My daughter is now 7 months old, and to date she is off her reflux medicine and hasn’t had one ear infection. We have a long road ahead of us yet, but we are very comfortable knowing that we have an alternative to constantly medicating our daughter. Additionally, Dr. Lawlor’s ‘bedside manner’ let us know he cares about his patients and believes in what he does.”

- Stephanie R. (Age 35; School Teacher)

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