On Migraines and Upper Cervical Care in San Francisco

upper cervical care in San FranciscoIt is the third most prevalent disease in the world. In fact, you or your loved ones may already have it without even realizing it. Migraine is so common that 1 out of every 7 people is affected globally. If you’ve had it too frequently, you might just need some upper cervical care in San Francisco.

So, what actually triggers the debilitating attacks of the symptoms of migraine? How do we identify the symptoms and is there a light at the end of the tunnel? It is always worth knowing.


It’s Not the End of the World

Mashed and hammered, the throbbing pain of migraine drains all the tolerance we could exert and leaves us too exhausted to even function and carry on with our tasks. 

Having to deal with one or a few of its symptoms feels like hell on earth. The throbbing headache on one or both sides of the head is commonly accompanied with sensory overloads such as extreme sensitivity to bright light, sounds, and even strong scents.

People who have been dealing with migraines for a long time now might even notice an unusual ability to sense when the migraine attack is about to happen. Before the actual event, a red carpet is rolled as a warning sign; migraine sure loves a grand entrance.

Warning signs include sudden cravings for certain foods, constipation, difficulty or frequent urination, and mood swings, among others. It happens 3 hours to a few days before the actual migraine. Another warning sign distinct to migraine is called “auras.” Aura usually appears as visual disturbances like flashes of light or bright spots or shapes and temporary vision loss.

Other symptoms of auras are the tingling or pricking sensation on the hands and feet, facial numbness, or weakness accompanied with difficulty in speaking.

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The Apocalypse

The actual migraine attacks happen just after the auras and feel so weakening. It may also last from 4 to 72 hours, and no wonder why 90% of the people who have migraines report struggles in their work, school, and social interaction.

A few factors are identified to trigger migraine attacks that necessitate upper cervical care in San Francisco. Some of which might sound familiar to you, and some might come as a surprise.

Stress has been identified as the most common culprit of migraine. It’s not surprising since it is commonly experienced and part of our daily living. It could also be triggered by lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, and even weather changes. Food additives, frequent meal skipping, and some medications for high blood pressure can also trigger migraine attacks.

For these reasons, doctors advise patients to keep a journal to document every activity prior to a migraine attack. This practice, by far, is the most accurate way that helps determine what triggers your migraine attack. Could it be the last pizza you ate? The cold weather? The last 4 hours when you watched the latest episodes of your favorite series on Netflix? You can only keep guessing until you jot down details in your journal.


Unmasking the Mastermind 

Mentioned above are the common causes of migraine, which come with symptoms, but what if there’s a way to actually cut the root cause?

What if upper cervical care in San Francisco is the answer?

Although many studies pinpoint these common causes, recent research reveals that what’s happening behind the scene might actually be the main cause.

Migraine happens mainly in the head due to the disruption of normal blood flow in the head and body. A lot of factors can be linked with this event, but the main one is the misalignment in the upper cervical area. It is the portion of our spine that supports the head and neck part and therefore helps in the major function of the nervous system.

Misalignment may stem from outside factors such as a physical injury when you hit your head or neck part. It could also be caused by years of neglected misalignment brought about by poor posture that causes pressure in the upper cervical area. Pressure in this area may obstruct blood flow going and exiting our brain and give birth to a series of symptoms and illnesses like migraine.

Upper Cervical of San Francisco in California uses medically approved techniques for the re-alignment of the affected neck area. With proper diagnostic procedures and assessment, our doctor of chiropractic renders curated care methods to each patient. It is important to seek professional help now than continue enduring the migraine symptoms that could only lead to further suffering.

Don’t delay getting the lasting relief that you deserve. Visiting our office and having a consultation with our chiropractor might be the start of your pain-free living.


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