Natural Relief from Trigeminal Neuralgia

Has trigeminal neuralgia created a storm in your life? Many people who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia feel as though they have a “silent” disease. It can be difficult for friends and loved ones to truly understand the severity of their symptoms. Simple daily triggers can set off an excruciating attack. If you suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, be careful during the following activities.

Sports Injuries Union Square

At Upper Cervical San Francisco we don’t stop with expert spinal care. Spinal injuries in sports constitute only a small percentage of all athletic injuries. Union Square Chiropractor Dr. Lawlor is prepared to manage the various musculoskeletal injuries that occur away from the spine. He will diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate sports injuries including those of […]

Shoulder Pain Treatment Union Square

Shoulder Pain Treatment Union Square

Union Square San Francisco Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Lawlor Shoulder pain treatment can be relieved through our specialized services and treatments from San Francisco Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Lawlor. As one of the most mobile joints in the human body, the shoulder also injuries somewhat easily. The extreme motions of being able to reach over the head, […]

Lower Back Pain Union Square

Union Square San Francisco Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Lawlor Low Back Pain can be treated through professional chiropractic care.  Low back pain in is the number one reason that people visit Union Square Chiropractor Ryan Lawlor. Chiropractic treatment for low back pain  is so effective that many states have rewritten their treatment guidelines for low back […]